UV nail gel bases


  • Perfect Base Gel Brush
    15 ml
  • Perfect Base Gel Brush
    5 ml

A base gel is the first product that is applied on the nail plate after preparation (buffing, degreasing with Cleaner and applying Acid-Free Primer).  The base coat improves the stick of the next gel layers to the nail - this is why picking the right product is very important. To know which base coat is the right one we need to look at the condition of nail plate and the products that are going to be applied (gel polish or gel)

The right base coat will allow you to build the desired nail without worrying about the durability of the manicure!

Indigo base gels provide 100% adherence and no air pockets.

Which base coat gel should you choose?

  • Are you looking for a basic product for gel method? Choose Perfect Base! You can choose from a bottle with a brush and a jar version.
  • Do you need a product which will fill in the gaps in the natural nail plate, create a protective layer and can be applied under gel, gel polish and as a product on its own? Pick Keratin Base!
  • Would you like to work with a versatile product which can be both a base coat and a top coat? Then Base & Top Coat is perfect for you!

Check out our range of Indigo base coat gel products available at Indigo and pick your favourite!