Acrylic nails liquid/monomer


  • Take Your Time Monomer
    150 ML
  • NNA Pronomer
    150 ML
  • Nail Liquid
    150 ML

Acrylic method of enhancing nails

Enhancing nails with the acrylic method is an art which needs a lot of practice. The beginning isn’t easy but there is no need to feel discouraged. If you are tempted by Indigo acrylic powders but not sure how you feel about the method, try one of the three Indigo liquids. By using them your work will be quick and perfect. Stylists of all levels will find the right product.

Which liquid should you choose?

  • Indigo Nail Liquid

A classic monomer for salon nails. Quick polymerization time makes the work faster. Using UV factors nails will stay fresh and clean. The French tip will stay snow white until the client's next visit. Even though it contains UV factors, it won't change the shade of Indigo acrylic powders.

  • Indigo Pro-Nomer NNa Formula

Monomer recommended, especially for NailArt. NNa Formula provides a high elasticity to acrylic powders. It will help not only advanced stylists but also beginners to create spectacular ornaments.

Liquid NNA Formula can be used with traditional nails. Its characteristic smell has been reduced to a bare minimum - many clients choose to work with the NNA for this reason alone.  It contains UV factors which will enhance the pure whiteness of a French manicure.

  • Indigo Take Your Time Monomer

This monomer is dedicated to beginner stylists and those who have a lot of students! The formula has been designed to make sure that the beginner stylist has time to perfect the ratio of powder to liquid. Take Your Time Monomer creates a structure of a enhanced nail while creating the smile line is a lot easier.

Once the stylist becomes better it's time to advance to a traditional Nail Liquid. For more advanced Stylists we recommend using Take Your Time Monomer during the summer heat.