Home SPA gift sets


  • Drama Queen – Indigo Home SPA Set
    1 pcs
  • Seventh Heaven – Indigo Home SPA Set
    1 PCS
  • Love Story – Indigo Home SPA Set
    1 pcs
  • Arome 99 – Indigo Home SPA Set
    1 pcs

Indigo Nails gift sets

Every occasion is a great excuse to give a special gift to a loved one. It could be a birthday, mother's day or a holiday. A spontaneous gift for no particular reason is also an extremely nice gesture! Sometimes it is difficult to choose what to give, but for women with a passion for cosmetics, beauty or body care, it is a little easier. It is for them that we have prepared Indigo beauty gift sets!

Indigo Home SPA gift sets in different fragrance variants

Each Indigo Home SPA set available in the offer is distinguished by a unique fragrance (e.g. Drama Queen, Seventh Heaven, Love Story or Arome 99). It is the leitmotif for the entire cosmetic package, which consists of:

  • 300 ml body lotions or hand creams;
  • 70-gram shea butters;
  • shea elixirs in 8 ml bottles;
  • Sample Collection, a unique collection of 3-ml samples of Indigo creams and lotions (the pack contains up to 17 sachets).

Indigo body cosmetics set - the perfect gift idea

No idea what to get for your birthday or Christmas? Any Indigo Nails cosmetics set will work perfectly for any occasion. Choose your favourite scent and make a loved one happy!