All T&Cs related to the shipment of goods are specified in the T&Cs of the carriers.

If you choose the cash on delivery method, Indigo Nails reserves the right to verify the correctness of the order placed by contacting the person placing the order via e-mail or phone to confirm or cancel.


Upon receipt of the parcel, after paying the fee, the Ordering Party has the right to check the parcel contents in the presence of an employee of the company delivering it.





Seychelles  168,00 USD 
Canada  92,00 USD 
Japan  92,00 USD 
United Kingdom  69,00 USD 
Switzerland  48,00 USD 
United States  92,00 USD 
Bosnia and Herzegovina  74,00 USD 
Hong Kong  92,00 USD 
Bulgaria  14,00 USD 
Norway  48,00 USD 
Australia  78,00 USD 
Singapore  78,00 USD 
New Zealand  92,00 USD
South Korea  92,00 USD 
Israel  92,00 USD 
South Africa  92,00 USD 
Mauritius  92,00 USD 
Algeria  92,00 USD 
Andorra  78,00 USD 
Belarus  92,00 USD 
Brazil  92,00 USD 
Chile  92,00 USD 
Costa Rica  92,00 USD
Georgia  92,00 USD 
Gibraltar  92,00 USD 
Guatemala  92,00 USD 
Guernsey  92,00 USD 
Iceland  69,00 USD 
India  92,00 USD 
Indonesia  92,00 USD 
Iran  92,00 USD 
Iraq  92,00 USD 
Isle of Man  53,00 USD 
Jersey  92,00 USD 
Canada  74,00 USD 
Kuwait  92,00 USD 
Liechtenstein  48,00 USD 
North Macedonia  69,00 USD 
Malaysia  92,00 USD 
Mexico  92,00 USD 
Moldova  92,00 USD
Monaco  123,00 USD
Morocco  92,00 USD
Philippines  92,00 USD 
Puerto Rico  92,00 USD 
Qatar  92,00 USD 
Serbia  54,00 USD 
Thailand  92,00 USD 
Ukraine  92,00 USD 
United Arab Emirates  92,00 USD 
Albania  54,00 USD 
Bosnia and Herzegovina  78,00 USD 
Wake Island  53,00 USD 
Saint Martin  92,00 USD 
Serbia and Montenegro  92,00 USD 
Guadeloupe  92,00 USD
Canary Islands  97,00 USD 
Serbia and Montenegro (Historical)  10,00 USD