Indigo Nail Bit Cuticle 9

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The Indigo Nail Bit Cuticle 9  is designed to remove the dead skin from the nail plate, push the cuticles and will work perfectly for cleaning the nail folds.

The trapezoidal Indigo Cuticle 9 diamond bit is perfect for removing dry cuticles and pushing them up. It can be subjected to sterilization and disinfection processes in an autoclave and in water solutions.

*Individual pieces of nail drill ends may vary in colour - a natural phenomenon that occurs with drill bits.

Product attributes
Purpose for cuticles
Shape Trapeze
Sharpness level mild/medium acute
Shank diameter 2,35mm
Shank length 39mm
Head length 9,5mm
Length 48,5mm
Maximum head diameter 31mm
  • Perfect for removing dead skin, pushing the cuticles and cleaning the nail folds,
  • The bit can be sterilised and disinfected in an autoclave and in water solutions.