E-files for nails


  • Marathon K38 E-file - portable
    1 pcs
  • E-file – stationary MARATHON 3 CHAMPION
    1 pcs

Indigo e-files are exclusive tools necessary for work in any nail salon.

The first one is a mobile e-file the biggest advantage of this device is a battery which makes working for 5 hours non-stop on once fully charged, thanks to a power saving system. You can take it anywhere you go. Thanks to its compact size it's very handy. It has a digital screen and an automatic safety system.

The other e-file is designed to be used at the works station.An exclusive and professionally executed device. A small size and perfect shape make this e-file take up a small space on your work desk.

Each device is equipped with a very light handle which makes working with this device a very pleasurable experience.

The handle won't vibrate even when the device is turned up to maximum RPM. This stability makes the client feel safe and comfortable and gives the stylist maximum precision.

A high-speed head, a stepless regulation of the motor from 0 to 30 000 RPMs (revolutions per minute).

A power of 110-220V / 50-60Hz protects the motor from overheating and jamming.

The e-files are quite and light. A modern design makes them fit into any interior design of the salon.

The materials which the e-file is made of makes it an investment for years.

We provide service and 24-month warranty.