Mini Ombre Sponges - 6pcs

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Mini ombre sponges are ergonomic nail accessories that create multicoloured decorations. The new, smaller square-shaped sponges can be quickly adjusted to the nail's size and save time! Create fancy decorations based on several perfectly shaded colours. A package of sponges can last for about 30-60 uses, depending on the length of the nail.

Application tips

● Ergonomic shape.
● Quick fit of the sponge to the size of the customer's nail.
● Mini ombre sponges enable to create of precise, multicoloured decorations.

1. Always hold the mini ombre sponges in the X Tweezers to improve work comfort.
2. Do not apply too much product to the nail - the sponge will absorb too much of it, which will reduce the available surface for work.
3. Tap the sponge on a sticky surface to clean it - for example, using a nail form.
4. If you want to decorate short nails, cut the sponge in half.