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Fragrance pendants - surround yourself with your favourite Indigo fragrances

Do you love to surround yourself with beautiful scents in any situation? Fill your everyday life with your favourite Indigo fragrances with the versatile fragrance pendants in our range.

Types of Indigo fragrance pendants

The Indigo fragrance pendant is a practical gadget that will make the most ordinary moments of your day a real pleasure for your senses. In our offer you will find classic cardboard pendants in the shape of cult Indigo bottles, as well as a unique, fragrant key ring, thanks to which you will be able to have your favourite fragrance always with you.

Discover all Indigo fragrance goodies:

The Drama Queen Fragrance Pendant captivates with a combination of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and lily of the valley aromas with fruity notes of peach, raspberry and pear.
The Indigolicious fragrance pendant envelops with a floral-oriental composition of vanilla, tuberose and bergamot aromas.
The Egoista fragrance pendant pampers with vanilla sweetness, broken by refreshing citrus notes.
The Drama Queen pendant delights with both a captivating fragrance and an elegant, aesthetic design.

Fragrance pendants - how to make use of them, not just in the car?

You can take Indigo's fragrant gadgets with you on every car journey - the near and the far ones. Thanks to their properties, you can be sure that the interior of your car will be inviting with a fresh, original aroma. 

However, the classic car fragrance hangers are not only good for travelling. You can also use them to add a unique aroma to the clothes in your wardrobe or to fill your handbag with your favourite notes. Our fragrant key ring is also ideal for this purpose. You can attach it to your car keys or house keys, which accompany you for most of the day.

Advantages of the Indigo Scented Keyring

The scented keyring is an inconspicuous little detail, which will allow you to inexpensively add colour - or rather fragrance - to your everyday life. Its small size makes it a versatile, discreet gadget. Find your favourite fragrance and take it with you wherever you go.

If you like practical trinkets, be sure to check out the other products in the Indigo gadgets category. If, on the other hand, as a lover of beautiful fragrances, you are looking for a way to fill your living room with your favourite aroma, check out our fragrances for interiors in 3 unique versions.