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An elegant pedicure? Take care of your feet all year round!

A pedicure makes your feet look healthy and beautiful regardless of the season. In summer, this procedure is extremely popular, but it is also worth regularly taking care of your heels and toenails in autumn and winter!

However, it should be emphasized that in order for the procedure to be professional and safe, it should be performed in a beauty parlour. It is not only the nail polish matching that matters. A specialist will smooth and soften your heels and properly cut your toenails to prevent ingrown toenails. 

A pedicure – what does the procedure entail exactly?

A cosmetic pedicure consists of several stages. At the beginning of the appointment, a professional assesses the condition of your feet - this applies to both the toenail plates and the soles. The procedure itself opens with soaking the feet in warm water with the addition of an aromatic washing gel. After thoroughly drying the feet, it is time to remove the callous epidermis and smooth the heels with an e-file. 

The next stage of a pedicure is associated with toenail care. It is important to shorten the toenails correctly, push back the cuticles and clean the nail folds. Nail design with carefully matched nail polishes is commenced only when the toenail plate has been cared for and prepared for the application of individual layers of cosmetics.

A SPA pedicure performed in a beauty parlour is crowned with a relaxing massage, for which, among others, Foot Lover foot cream enriched with softening urea can be used! It is a cosmetic that is also worth having in your cosmetic bag - its regular use will make you forget about dry feet and cracked heels.

A gel polish, hard gel or classic pedicure – which to choose?

Not every cosmetic pedicure is the same. Gel polish or hard gel designs are most popular among ladies. Conscious foot care is also appreciated by men. A pedicure for men involves smoothing the soles and shaping the toenails.

A gel polish pedicure - comfort and quality go hand in hand here

You cannot pass by  a gel polish pedicure indifferently. Women around the world love it primarily for the amount of time it can save – the design can maintain its perfect condition for up to three weeks. Gel polishes – accompanied by a Pedicure Base and your favourite top - look extremely natural, and you do not have to worry about unsightly chipping for a long time!

A hard gel pedicure – a special task procedure

Uncomfortable shoes, unfortunate trauma or impact can have a very negative effect on the condition of the toenails. A hard gel pedicure comes to the rescue enabling careful shaping or extension of damaged toenail plates. One thing is certain – almost any kind of cosmetic pedicure performed by a professional will ensure a beautiful and most of all healthy appearance of your feet!