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The Dual Russian Almond Upper Forms are an accessory that allows you to comfortably extend your nails in the oval, classic almond or Russian almond shape - without applying standard forms beneath. Indigo's upper Forms are made of a transparent material through which the light of the lamp penetrates, and the nail extensions - gel or acrylic-gel - are cured simultaneously from above and below, thus faster.


Color: Transparent

Size: 14,5 x 10,5x2,8cm

Application tips
  • The upper Forms are transparent – it's easy to see the gel on them.
  • They are made of a material that facilitates application.
  • The pack of Indigo upper Forms contains 12 shapes to comfortably fit each nail plate.
  • The packaging contains 120 upper reusable forms.
  • They allow to make gel or acrylic nails in an oval, classic almond or Russian almond shape.

The upper Indigo forms are products for professional use. It is recommended that they be used after appropriate courses and training.