Rhinestones for nails multicolor set

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An absolute classic among nail trinkets. A chic accessory that will please every enthusiast of nail splendour. Zirconia - there is not much to add here. Take advantage of their multi-coloured brilliance, create rich, jewellery-like decorations and add a unique character to simpler designs.

Zirconia size and quantity in the set:


  •       SS3 - 300 pcs.
  •       SS4 - 250 pcs.
  •       SS5 - 200 pcs.
  •       SS6 - 180 pcs.
  •       SS8 - 150 pcs.
  •       SS10 - 100 pcs.
Application tips
  •  zirconia in 6 different sizes enable creation of beautiful jewellery-like compositions on the nails
  •  a perfect addition to more subtle designs
  •  a simple way to spice up classic decorations
  1. After creating any gel polish, hard gel, acrylic gel or acrylic design, cover the nails with a top coat and cure in the lamp.
  2. Apply a drop of Protein Base, Take Your Time or Nail Glue to the selected place on the cured surface and place the selected zirconia on it.
  3. If you chose to apply zirconia on a hard gel product, cure the entire design in the Multiled lamp for 30 seconds. If you decide to use glue, the design will dry up in a few moments – there is no need to cure it.