Indigo skin care cosmetics tempt not only with fragrances. Our Home SPA line consists of hand creams, body lotions, shea butters and other preparations, whose trademark are nourishing compositions. Indigo's volume promotions make you comfortable growing your favorites!

For the salon, for a gift, for a partnership with friends - Indigo's volume promotion pays off

What are the rules of quantity promotion? It's trivially simple - when you buy more Indigo Home SPA cosmetics, you pay less!

⦁ From 5 to 10 pieces: the price per piece drops by 10%

⦁ more than 10 pieces: price per piece is reduced by 15%


A volume promotion is not only a great solution if you run your salon and are looking for cosmetics to crown the services you offer. Maybe you are thinking about gifts for your loved ones? Or would you like to shop together with your mother, sister or friend? We're coming up with a solution for that!


Enjoy exceptional prices on cosmetics right now. Indigo quantity promotion is the best excuse to take care of the condition of your epidermis together with cosmetics with beautiful scents and nourishing compositions!


Indigo Home SPA cosmetics included in the promotion

The Indigo Home SPA cosmetics line was created for comprehensive body, hand and foot care. Taking advantage of the volume promotion, you can reach for hand creams, body lotions or the indispensable Foot Lover foot cream. They are the ones that allow you to deeply moisturize the epidermis and protect it from harmful external factors. What's more - the rich compositions of Indigo lotions and hand creams are enclosed in lightweight formulas. Our cosmetics do not leave a greasy film, which increases their comfort. In addition, 20 unique aromas mean that everyone among the fragrances of our cosmetics will find something for themselves - from sweet Cream Della Cream, to spicy Spicy Sugar, to the iconic Seventh Heaven.


The volume promotion also includes cosmetics such as mists, shea butters and argan oils. These are multifunctional Indigo cosmetics - ideal for body care or even... hair care! Shea butters are worth applying overnight as nourishing hand masks, and with the help of argan oils you can perform... Hair oiling! Body mists, on the other hand, will come to the rescue whenever you need a quick refreshment.


Together with Indigo's quantity promotion, you can also take care of the cuticles around your nails. So that your mani always looks good. For the promotion includes both Protein Serum and our Shea Elixirs with keratin.


Moisturizing is the basis of skin care, but you should also remember to exfoliate - with the help of coarse sugar scrubs. Indigo body scrubs make the skin not only smooth, but also even better prepared for the application of moisturizing cosmetics.


From hand creams, lotions, scrubs to foot creams, it's all waiting for you on Indigo's volume promotion. Such an opportunity simply has to be taken advantage of!