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The perfect tunnel is one of the indicators of a professionally made styling. How to achieve it?

Reach for the Indigo plastic nail pincher, which allows you to slim down and emphasise the shape of gel, acrylic and acrygel stylings.

Application tips
  • adjustment of the pinch by tightening or loosening the rubber bands allows for a perfect fit of the tool to the width of the nails,
  • compact size - does not take up much space,
  • straight walls that make the pincher ideal for creating square nails and master tunnel stylings
  • spare rubber bands included.

When working on a new styling, we pinch the nails with the tool in the stress area to narrow them down.


Gel stylings

We use the pincher in the initial phase of polymerisation:


  • on a base shape built on a template,
  • on the building layer applied either to a template or to a  fake nail.


Acrygel stylings 

We use the pincher in the initial phase of polymerisation on the building layer, applied either to a template or to a  fake nail.


Acrylic stylings

We use the pincher when the mass begins to solidify and is already slightly matt, so the clamp leaves no traces on the surface.


The pincher can be left on the nail until the end of polymerisation to maintain the desired shape as long as possible. 


PRO TIP: To enhance control and precision when working with a pincher, it is worth matting the inner gripping sides of the tool. We recommend them for square, pipe and gothic pipe stylings, as well as for narrowing down expanding nails in any salon shape.



Chemical solvents (e.g. ethyl acetate or acetone) may affect the appearance and performance of the pincher.