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If your customers are still looking for this one and only dream colour that they wish to appear on their nails, present them the Wedding colour chart. It contains 12 phenomenal shades of nail polishes from the Wedding Collection. If you still do not know if your customers will be more enchanted by Monogamy Is Not Funny shade or rather Wedding Night, then show them the Wedding colour chart. They will fall in love with these colours and easily choose THE ONE for their nails.

The Wedding Collection colour chart presents 12 shades:

  • Say Yes
  • Big Mistake
  • How Big Is Your Diamond
  • Wedding Night
  • Mr&Mrs Indigo
  • Like A Virgin
  • Transparent The One
  • Ex Husband
  • I’m Not Sure
  • Finally!
  • Wi-Fi Wife
  • You don't waste time painting the pattern, all the colours are already presented on it,
  • The colours are signed with their names,
  • Elegant, clean and neat appearance, no streaks or underpainting.