Transparent Nail Forms 200PCS

200 PCS
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Transparent nail forms – convenient moulds that allow you to easily achieve the desired shape of the nails with minimal intervention and processing. What makes them different? Due to their transparency, the curing process takes place much faster – the rays emitted by the lamp penetrate through the moulds, hence they cure the product both from the top and bottom!



The roll contains 200 pieces of PET forms. 

Overall length: 6 cm 

Extension Length: 3cm


Product attributes
Application tips
Length 6cm

Transparent forms are perfect for working with all gel methods!

How to use forms step by step:


  1. Prepare the natural plate.
  2. Match and apply the appropriate form.
  3. Apply PrimoUltimo®on the form and the nail and create a ‘sceleton’ for your design.


Consider the correct structure of the extended nail and apply the selected colour of Gelastic.


Note! Remember that you can work on your design for as long as you need it, with no pressure!

  1. Cure the design in the MultiLedlamp for 60-90 seconds or for 2-3 minutes in a UV lamp.
  1. Remove the dispersion layer with Wipe Off Cleaner from Indigo.
  2. Create the final shape of the nail with a 100/180 file.
  3. Apply the selected colour and PrimoUltimo®.




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