Makeup Brush - Wet Eye 2 1PCS

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Wet Eye 2 is a narrow Hedonist eye brush with a thin, elongated tongue shape. It will prove useful for precise application of ceni or blending out cream formulas on the eyelids or lips. It will allow you to gradually increase the intensity of the makeup and add more layers of cosmetics. It works well on different parts of the eyelid - in the center, in the crease of the eyelid, as well as at the lash line.

Hedonista makeup brushes have synthetic bristles, which behave almost like natural bristles. The brushes are distinguished by their flexible and soft formula, so they adapt to the complexion while working, and allow precise application of cosmetics (loose, cream or liquid) without excessive absorption.

Bristle length: 11.5 mm

Length of the entire brush: 146.5 mm

Application tips
  • ergonomic shape
  • soft yet flexible bristles
  • ideal for working with products of different formulas
  • facilitates work in smaller spaces

Wet Eye 2 is an eye brush designed to work with a variety of eye cosmetics.