Drive Me Crazy Collection


  • Rolls Boys Gel Polish
    7 ML
  • Hey Grey! Gel Polish
    7 ML

Meet Drive Me Crazy - the autumn 2021 collection!

What do nail styling and driving have in common? Both things are a real pleasure! Inspired by the last warm days and the first falling leaves, we have created the Drive Me Crazy autumn collection, which includes no less than 10 new, offbeat colours. Explore them all - you'll fall in love with them from the first test drive.

Indigo autumn collection 2021

What colours can you find in the collection? Intense reds, purples and blacks definitely dominate, but there is also room for a touch of nuanced naturalness. The collection includes:

  • Stop!
  • Rolls Boys
  • Miss Dynamic
  • Violetta Cabrioletta
  • Luxurella
  • Halina Turbina 
  • Black Ivory
  • Melanie Jump  
  • Hey Grey
  • Iden Tico

The most beautiful embellishments for autumn

The Drive Me Crazy collection looks great in classic glitter and soft matte, but that's not the only thing you can achieve with it. The colours have been selected to go well together, so that even the most daring experiments will look attractive and interesting.

Each of the ten colours in the collection will fit in perfectly with this autumn's trends - geometric patterns, which continue to dominate this year, checks and animal motifs such as leopard prints. They can also be combined with the new transfer films, which will add even more sparkle to any look. It is therefore worth trying a combination of 'shiny' foil and matt finish colours - the most fashionable decorations will be based on this scheme!