Disposable Nail File Moon Slim 100/180 1PCS


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This slender, thin, rounded file with one edge profiled in the shape of a crescent will reach even the most inaccessible nail areas.



- length 177 mm

- width 26 mm

- thickness 3 mm

Product attributes
Application tips
Grades 100/180
  • Disposable file,
  • Rounded side reduces the risk of cutting the cuticles,
  • Reaches even the most inaccessible nail areas,
  • It has the optimal gradation for a natural nail plate, but also for the processing of artificial nails.

GRIT 100

- for gel, acrylic, gel polish

GRIT 180

- to process a natural plate

- to matt the nail plate before extending the broken nail, e.g. Protein Base

- to matt the nail plate before gel, acrylic gel and acrylic styling