Tip Top and Super Matte – hot news from INDIGO

Tip Top and Super Matte – hot news from INDIGO

by Indigo Nails
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A perfect manicure is a matter of many choices. From the shape of the nails, to the selection of colours, patterns and decorations. However, you should remember that choosing the right top is also a very important element of finishing the whole style.

Now you can find new gel top coats in the Indigo collection! These products are very special, it is a real revolution that will change your manicure forever! You can choose from two completely different effects - extremely matte SUPER MATTE and super shiny TIP TOP. Are you ready for that? Discover both products, see our style proposals and fall in love with them just like us!


If you have always dreamed of achieving a perfectly matte, lasting effect, the Super Matte top coat is created just for you! Its revolutionary formula ensures a perfect, matte finish that lasts for 3-5 weeks! Unlike some matte tops, Super Matte stays intact and does not rub on the satin effect. This is not a joke! Now you can really enjoy a super-permanent matte on your nails for many weeks.

30-60 seconds are enough to cure the Super Matte layer. The surface of the nail after hardening gives a rubber impression and the top does not leave a dispersion layer, which further improves the finishing of each manicure.


The latest technology has allowed us to create a product that is a response to the demanding needs of Indigo clients. We managed to make the perfect top, which is extremely simple in application, thanks to its excellent, liquid consistency.

Tip Top top coat is a perfection, that is very durable and will not crack, and its shiny coating will dazzle you for 4 long weeks! However, this is not the end of the advantages of our revolutionary novelty. Tip Top does not change colours, so you can use it on any style, even with very bright colours. You do not even have to wipe the finished nail, because the top does not leave any dispersion layer. To enjoy amazing shiny nails, 30-60 seconds of curing is enough!

Get inspired with our unique styles and see the video, where our Product Specialist Agnieszka Hoffman compares our new products. Whether you choose the perfect Super Matte or glossy Tip Top, we can guarantee one thing - a beautiful manicure for many weeks!

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