Purple nails – be trendy with Tres Lavendes

Don’t you just love a delicate manicure based on pastels? Reach for our latest mini collection - Lipstick Tres Lavendes. It includes three colours with varying degrees of saturation - perfect if you would like to go for purple nails, but until now you were concerned that maybe this colour is too provocative! Whitened shades look extremely delicate - check which of our gel polishes you will like most! See also what makes the colours of the Tres Lavendes collection especially loved by fans of lifestyle novelties!

Purple manicure – match the Veri Peri trend

Each of the nail polishes in the Lipstick Tres Lavendes collection also refers to the colour that caused quite a stir in the lifestyle industry. Veri Peri - because that’s the one we are talking about - is the trendiest colour of 2022 according to the Pantone Institute.

This purple with an admixture of light blue and red accents is to identify a completely new beginning and give us hope for a more beautiful and better tomorrow. After all, everyone needs a break today and we dream of catching our breath after two very hard years. We have learned to live in a new reality, and this colour - full of hope - allows us to break out of apathy and initiate an invigorating change.

The Lipsticks Tres Lavendes collection uses the power of colours so that you can surround yourself with their subtle symbolism - are you ready to use it to shape your reality?

Lipstick collection - a way for ultra-trendy, purple gel polish nails

Lavender Milk, Silly Lilly or Hokus Krokus – are three very subtle, girly pastels that will complete spring and early summer looks. Thanks to them, purple nails no longer have to be associated with dark, slightly dingy looks straight from Halloween parties.

We were charmed by the discreet grace of lavender, which we associate with blooming lilacs, meadows full of flowers, sunny carelessness and the scent of fresh air after a storm. Create smooth looks, mix and match the colours from the Tres Lavendes collection with each other and combine them with other nail polishes to create multi-coloured designs!

Lavender Milk is the most delicate shade of our latest lipsticks with a whitened, milky finish. It brings to mind appetizing cocktails that would refresh you on the first hot, late spring afternoons. Gentle, soothing and universal - a colour so safe that even a lover of the subtlest manicure will fall in love with it!

Silly Lilly is a slightly more expressive - but still pastel - sister of Lavender Milk. A perfect companion of spring pleasures and living life to the fullest, when we finally want to slide out from under our soft blanket and set off on an energetic conquest of the world. Purple nails in this version allow you for a bit of sun-filled carelessness - why not use it?

Hokus Krokus has the darkest, cool shade. It has been inspired by flowering meadows, fragrant lilacs and May air saturated with sun, warm rain and flowers. It is a synonym of spring, from now on decorating your looks, too!