NEW IN perfect for trendy nail art - get to know them!

Are you looking for a quick, colourful and original nail design? We've got a solution! Thanks to our products, you will forget about boredom on your nails. Meet the mini ombre sponges and the new edition of the UV Mousse Gels that any Nail Art lover can resist. These are perfect products for simple nail decorations and much more sophisticated looks. Find out why these new Indigo products will make your heart beat faster!

Mini Ombre Sponges - create trendy nail art


Ombre on nails is one trend that does not go out of fashion. First - in the form of a baby boomer - it was loved by fans of subtle looks. It quickly turned out, however, that in terms of the choice of colours, we are only limited by our imagination. We can change sweet nudes and roses to neon shades to make decorations more vivid and juicy. So? Is multicoloured ombre a recipe to perfect spring and summer nail looks? Yes, it is!

But what is behind the neat decoration? The precision of its creation! Skills are essential, but also reaching for accessories that are simply comfortable to use. At Indigo, we meet your expectations and have prepared a new edition of the popular sponges!

You don't have to cut the mini ombre sponges in half to create the precise design (unless you're working on extremely short nails!). The ergonomic shape of our new accessory will allow you to precisely blend all the colours. See for yourself how mini ombre sponges will increase the comfort of your work.

And when it comes to shading and creating stunning nail designs, you can't ignore the revolutionary UV Mousse Gels by Indigo!

Create unique nail decorations with UV Mousse Gels

Sometimes you get the impression that creating decorations on your nails is too much for you? Or maybe you just have never had the chance to work with products that make precise design easy? Don't worry, and reach for the innovative UV Mousse Gels!

Each product is closed in small-sized tubes. Squeeze a small amount of the selected gel mousse onto the palette and start working. No matter how long you explore the secrets of Nail Art, UV Mousse Gels will help you create unconventional decorations. Check what colours have joined the Indigo family!

● Pink Big Old Camel that blends gently into purple.

● Subtle Cashmere, a purple shade with a hint of grey.

● Pink In My Heart perfect for girly nail art.

● Timeless nude with the addition of bronze - Second Skin.

● Violet Spanish Sangria reminding of juicy plums.

● Exotic Zanzibar with a green-purple hue.

● Timeless light grey -  Halisha.

● A slightly darker, medium grey Koala.

● Salted Caramel, a nude shade deceptively resembling a delicious caramel.

There are as many as 9 shades that you can use to enrich your nail art. Remember that each colour is highly pigmented - one layer of mousse is enough!

UV Mousse Gels - as their name suggests - have the consistency of a thick mousse, which also translates into the comfort of work. The product does not run off the nails during the decoration process, so there’s plenty of time to work on the design.

Why else will you love our mousse gels? It will shorten your working time! You don't have to secure them with a top coat or remove the sticky layer - the nails just need to be cured in the lamp.

From today cultivate your skills and, together with Indigo UV Mousse Gels create sophisticated ornaments, convex decorations and play with multicoloured ombre - along with our new mini sponges. Are you ready to add some colour to your nail art??