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Tunneling nails - the way to masterful styling

Among the many methods and tools available in the range of nail styling accessories, the invariable lead is held by nail tips dedicated to extending and correcting nails. This method is the leading method of styling, standing shoulder to shoulder with the use of a stencil. Both in salons and at industry championships, performing nail extensions is a base skill and a starting point for further styling. That's why it's a good idea to choose the right high-quality auxiliary tools to support our skills.


Convenience and comfort in practice - Indigo decoration tips


Ready-made nail tips in a milky shade are a great tool for decorations and nail art presentations. They provide a base for individual ideas that can be presented to a wider audience and practiced in everyday work. Made of the highest quality ABS plastic, they were created in the shape of almond nails. 50 pieces in one size are placed in a convenient transparent package.


Nail extensions on tips - how to choose accessories?


There are several types and shapes of tips, such as tunnel tips almond. Each of them performs its own function. Deepening the market and participating in the process of continuous improvement, we introduced tunnel tips without a pocket. It is an accessory:

  • transparent and matte
  • without a pocket 
  • placed on convenient to fit straps
  • enclosed in a large package
  • in 12 sizes included

Designed for salon work and master styling, Indigo tunnel nail tips or nail design tips are the perfect recipe for comfortable work and professional execution. With this set, nail tip extensions are a real pleasure.