Spring manicure? Greensetter Protein Nail Polish!

At Indigo we love setting trends and showing that the beauty industry is walking along the catwalk with the fashion industry! Juicy, vibrant colours still dominate the shows of the largest fashion houses, so our offer also includes plenty of them. Meet the Greensetter protein nail polish and create a manicure worthy of a real fashionista! Additionally, in our post we remind you of other nail polish classics that will enrich your spring look. After all, you don’t have to be limited to one favourite colour!

Looks with Greensetter Protein Nail Polish

We fell in love with the juicy power of the Greensetter hard gel last year. Beautiful, perfectly pigmented colour took over the nails, so today we present its completely new, but still intriguing version! We love all variations of a careful manicure and we want you to always feel beautiful and fashionable thanks to our products - regardless of whether you love hard gels or maybe you feel closer to traditional looks!

A smooth, single-colour manicure never becomes outdated. Shiny or matte? The choice is yours! With Greensetter you will never fail. If you bet on more original combinations, combine our colour with other iconic nail polishes. Green and white or green and black - which option is your preferred choice? Protein nail polishes offered by Indigo are dedicated primarily to the enthusiasts of timeless classics, that’s why Mr. White and Mr. Black together with Greensetter make the perfect trio!

Indigo Protein Nail Polishes – why do we love them?

Not only the timeless Black & White set… Indigo protein nail polishes are also offered in spring colours. Which of them will you test solo and which will you combine with Greensetter? Here are our favourites!

Minimalist Goodbye Winter will chase away the remnants of a grey, dull aura. Even if it seems a bit conservative at first, we are convinced that you will fall in love with its sophisticated elegance!

Girly roses of varying degrees of saturation: Nie wiem, Ugly Betty, Mimosa, Energizer – we are charmed by them. Delicate and juicy colours bring to mind the blooming buds of fruit trees and magnolias. You obviously have to bet on the most classic symbols of spring this season!

The weather in March is changeable, so bet on a universal nude Prima Aprilis and flick away the uncertain aura! In addition, the warm, peach colour will perfectly match the skin touched with the first, innocent rays of the sun.

Green-yellow Think Spring is a colour that together with Greensetter will create an energetic duo, and you will enter the spring season in style! Your manicure can be juicy and invigorating even if you avoid gel polishes on a daily basis!

Indigo protein nail polishes can be washed off quickly and safely with the acetone-free Seventh Heaven remover with a beautiful scent. Isn’t that a perfect solution for a variety of looks? Choose your favourite colour and take care of the condition of your nails thanks to nourishing jojoba proteins.

Are you reluctant to give up gel polishes because you are afraid that the classic colours will chip quickly? Our proteins are carefully formulated to reduce the risk of chipping! Bet on them also when you fancy by a multi-coloured pedicure!

First - quality, second - fashion, third - convenience! Now you don’t have to choose anymore! See our suggestions and check if you have already learned all the strengths of our iconic proteins, perfect to chase away the sad winter aura!

Also check what we have prepared for you in another post - Wiosna pod znakiem klasycznego manicure and enjoy our inspirations.