Mirror Emerald 2,5G

2,5 G
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The effect of broken glass in shades of pink, turquoise and purple is a proposal that will add variety to many a styling. Small elements resembling stained glass beautifully reflect the light with each movement of the hand. Mirror nail ornament applied to a single nail, will complement disco type styling. Mirror Emerald Indigo will also complement design decorations like fantasy French or mirror effect nails.


Color: multicolor, shining
Tint: turquoise, pink, violet

Product attributes
Application tips
Application nail Art
Application for construction nails, construction nails, dispersion product, creating stones on nails, blending into the wet layer, Fantasy French
  • can be applied to a section of the nail or cover the entire surface. Great for fantasy French imitating broken glass

Instructions for under a top coat:

  1. Create any styling (gel polish, gel, acrylic, acrylic gel).
  2. Cover the nails with a thin layer of Effect Base or Protein Base, do not cure.
  3. Apply selected ornaments to the wet layer of the product, creating the desired design.
  4. Cure the product together with the ornaments in the Multi LED lamp for 30 seconds.
  5. Secure the ornaments thoroughly with a top coat - two thin layers of the Wet Look top coat work best, cure each layer in a Multi LED lamp for 30 seconds. It can also be one thicker layer - cure it for 60 seconds in a Multi LED lamp.
  6. Wait about 60 seconds after removing the hand from the lamp and carefully remove the sticky layer with a cotton pad soaked in the Shea Super Shine Cleaner.

Styling with a sunk-in effect:

  1. Remember to disinfect the hands first (yours and your clients’). Put on gloves, then assess the condition of your client’s hands and nails and check whether there are any contraindications to the procedure.
  2. Push back the cuticles (using a cuticle pusher or a wooden stick) and remove them with an e-file bit (e.g. Cuticle 9).
  3. Make sure to matt the nail plate gently but evenly using a 100/180 grit buffer and remove any dust with a soft brush.
  4. Soak a lint-free cotton pad in the Classic Cleaner and thoroughly degrease the nail plate.
  5. Apply an appropriate primer - 90% of the time it will be the Acid Free Primer. For a more demanding nail plate, use an Acid Primer.
  6. Regardless of the chosen product, apply it in a minimal amount and only onto the natural nail plate, without touching the cuticles.
  7. Rub the Protein Base into the nail plate and cure in the Multi LED lamp for 30 seconds.
  8. Place the selected template and build a frame using a building gel - cure for 30 seconds in the lamp.
  9. Spread a thin layer of gel on the nail and the frame but do not cure.
  10. Arrange the Mirror Decorations on the wet gel.
  11. Cure the gel and the ornaments in the Multi LED lamp for 30 seconds​​.
  12. Remove the template by squeezing it from the bottom and peeling off the wings. Pull the template down and remove it.
  13. Apply a larger portion of the gel, e.g. Self Leveling Clear 120, to maintain the correct structure of the nail.
  14. Cure in the Multi LED lamp depending on the thickness: 30-60 seconds.
  15. Remove the gel’s sticky layer with a cotton pad soaked in the Wipe Off Cleaner.
  16. Prepare the shape of the nail with a 100/180 grit file.
  17. Even out the surface with a 100/180 grit buffer.
  18. Clean the nails again with the Wipe Off Cleaner.
  19. Cover with any top coat, e.g. Tip Top and cure in the Multi LED lamp for 30-60 seconds.
  20. Wait about a minute for the top to cool down - removing the sticky layer or applying care products too quickly may reduce the shine of the styling.
  21. If the product requires it, remove the dispersion layer with a cotton pad soaked in the Shea Super Shine Cleaner.
  22. Finally, you can polish the nails with a dry, lint-free cotton pad to make the nails look even more beautiful. Do it until you hear a characteristic squeaking sound.