Let’s set trends with Bluesetter 

Meet new gel polish in the Indigo family - Bluesetter - and feel like you are on a fashion week. We couldn't pass by the colour that stole the hearts of designers all over the world. The muted sea shade presents extraordinary in the company of other, unique accessories. So play with fashion and invite Bluesetter to your wardrobe - it's your must-have Indigo colour of this season!

Trendy nails? Only with Bluesetter gel polish

A year ago, green ruled among the trendiest nail looks. We still love juicy Grensetter, and we know you love it too - but the fashion world doesn't like monotony. So what colours have taken over the catwalks this year? The lead is not only the intense neons and the romantic colour of the year - Veri Peri. Colours bringing sea and ocean adventures are some of the hottest shades that can be seen at shows presented by major fashion houses.

Could the Bluesetter be missing from among Indigo gel polishes? The answer is simple! Check how beautiful it will look on your hands, and take care of the trendiest nails of the season!

The colours of the sea - including Bluesetter, neons, vivid lime - these colours will dominate our spring and summer wardrobes. Styles in contrast with the grey winter colour palette mean something much more than just a jacket or accessories in an energetic, expressive colour. After all, a carefully crafted manicure best reflects our sense of aesthetics.

Wear it solo in the muted sea shade of the Bluesetter, or combine it with other ultra-fashionable colours to create a look worthy of a true trendsetter! These are the hottest trends - get to know fashionable gel polish trends perfect for every occasion!

● Feminine, classic French never gets old. It adds elegance but doesn't always have to be… conservative. Now it's slightly more fancy (but still subtle!), full of colours and sophisticated shapes. Use our Bluesetter to create a colourful tip and delight, everyone, with a unique look.

● Micropatterns are another trend that adds a touch of extravagance to delicate nails. Girlish blue dots will enchant almost every design.

● Geometric shapes can't be ignored either. These fashionable, characteristic decorations will present fantastic on a natural nail plate and gel extensions.

● How about a total look? Bluesetter doesn't need a company to delight! Classic manicure is the easiest way to create dazzling nails that never go out of style.

Check yourself which version of the Bluesetter you like best. Show your fashionable nails on Instagram and mark us using #bluesetterindigo. Let everyone know the trendiest colour of the upcoming spring!