Become the GlammaMia party queen!

During this carnival, bet on glamour and become the queen of every dance floor with new colours of GlammaMia nail dust!


If you want to create an amazing manicure with a mirror surface effect, be sure to try the new GlammaMia nail dust colours! They create a delicate, mirror-like, pearly surface on the nail that catches the eye and shimmers beautifully in the light.

How to achieve this effect? Create gel polish, gel or acrylic nail set. Sprinkle a large amount of nail dust on the still warm top coat without dispersion, and then rub it into the nail plate with circular motions. Apply top coat, remembering to secure the free edge, cure it in the lamp, and you're ready to conquer the dance floor.

Discover 4 new nail dust colours


GlammaMia! Astronauta

Go on a cosmic journey with the Astronauta - shimmering nail powder in the colour of the starry sky. If you want to get the effect of a beautiful, even surface on your nails, reach for Astronauta and set off to conquer the space!


GlammaMia! Rich Witch

A glamour style party planned? Only with the new GlammaMia nail dust! Rich Witch in an extremely feminine, amethyst shade! Create an amazing manicure with a mirror surface effect and become the party queen and become the queen of the dance floor.


GlammaMia! Mefisto

You love intriguing, extraordinarily feminine, and eye-catching manicures? Then Mefisto glammer is your must_have this season. This tempting, seductive red shade will enchant you at first sight.


GlammaMia! Lunatic

Are you looking for an original way to finish a perfect manicure? Reach for the metallic shade of grey, shimmering with the colour of polished silver. Lunatic is what you’re looking for - tempting with its shine and delighting with every motion.

Choose your favourite nail dust colour and surprise with impressive design every day!