Dazzle with new transfer foils

Every nail tech - both with many years of experience and taking their first professional steps - appreciates quick decorations. They come to the rescue when we're running out of time and when we want to create a dazzling manicure. So what is worth having at hand? Of course, transfer foils - a must-have in the Indigo offer!

We love to follow trends, so we've prepared a party edition of these unusual nail decorations. Forget about tedious work and create charming looks in just a few moments!

Four new transfer foils - which one will you choose for your design?

Transfer foil is a way to a quick and vivid decoration that catches all eyes. See for yourself and reach for four amazing colours!

True Blue

Does only mood have to be blue? Get to know a completely new version of blue - bet on a stunning decoration. The True Blue transfer foil will change any look and show that sometimes inconspicuous colours are the best weapon against boredom!

Hotsy Totsy

Disenchant the candy side of the pink and give it a disco glow. Take care of the Hotsy Totsy transfer foil manicure while taking on the disco dancefloor - create a look straight from the 70s and 80s! We love stylish time travel, so experience this adventure with us and feel the Saturday night fever for yourself.


Golden nails with transfer foil are a timeless classic that we love. However, Alibaba offers more than just a jewel-like look! Choose a sensual rose gold shade when looking for inspiration for glamour nails!


All that glitters is not gold? Of course! Multi-Millionaire is a transfer foil for nails that will delight lovers of expressive, silver decorations. Take care of designs full of shine and show that the luxurious nails have more than one colour!

How to decorate nails with transfer foil?

Beginner nail techs love a manicure with a transfer foil. However, if you have already discovered the world of Nail Art, also choose this decoration to diversify your works. So what is the phenomenon of working with foils?

Foils can create irregular and, at the same time, very simple decorations. All you need to do is stamp the matte side of the foil on the sticky layer of gel polish, secure the nail with top coat and your nails are ready - the effect will always be delightful.

When you have precise ornaments on your mind, also reach for our decorations! For pattern painting, choose Paint Black Gel - when you cure it in the lamp, boldly stamp the transfer foil on your nails. Remember that you must master the art of using Indigo Master Nail Art!

Are you wondering how to apply transfer foil to the gel polish and cover the entire nail? We have a way for that too! Try our iconic product, Foil Glue! However, consider that such a design requires a bit more work - the end result is worth it!

Invite nail transfer foils to your salon. It's a must-have among decorations that will help you create endlessly many amazing nail designs!