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Indigo Nails cosmetics samples

Do you want to comprehensively explore Indigo's range of hand and foot creams and body lotions? Check out the Sample Collection sets!

Advantages of using cosmetics samples

At first glance, it may seem that cosmetics samples do not make much sense. What can 3 millilitres of cream or lotion do? Well, quite a lot! Such an inconspicuous little sample has many advantages! Firstly, we can familiarise ourselves with the product by getting to know its fragrance or texture. Secondly, and this is particularly important in the case of cosmetic products, we are able to check whether the product in question is allergenic.

The sample therefore allows us to test the product before finally purchasing the standard volume. This allows us to check with our own skin (literally!) whether we like the fragrance notes, whether we feel comfortable using the product and whether it causes any allergic reactions on our skin.

What's more, cosmetic samples are ideal for trips away. Instead of carrying large packs, it is much easier to store small sachets with your favourite products in your make-up bag. All in all, small in size, big in benefits!

Indigo Sample Collection cosmetics samples

Currently on offer at Indigo is the Sample Collection cosmetics sample set, which contains 16 sachets. These include samples of hand creams (Seventh Heaven, Matrioshka, Love Story, Bella Vita, Alter Ego, Omnia) and foot creams (Foot Lover Seventh Heaven), as well as body lotions (Seventh Heaven Shimmer, Raspberry Love, Alter Ego Shimmer, Pop Sugar, Arome 99, Femme Fatale, Egoista, Drama Queen Shimmer, Bad Icon) in different fragrances. 

Try all the Indigo cosmetics fragrances and choose your favourite!