Removers, nail glue and others


  • Gum Protector Mr. Gum
    18.00 zł
    10 ml
  • Powder for milling Cuti Powder
    29.00 zł
    90 G
  • Easy File Oil Indigo
    14.90 zł
    8 ML
  • Cuticle Remover
    16.00 zł
    10 ML
  • Seventh Heaven Nail Polish Remover
    25.00 zł
    500 ML
  • Nail Glue
    10.00 zł
    7,5 ML
  • Remover
    29.00 zł
    500 ML
  • Remover
    19.00 zł
    250 ML
  • Indigo Foil Glue
    15.00 zł
    5 ML
  • Cleaner Wipe Off
    29.00 zł
    500 ML
  • Brush Cleaner
    25.00 zł
    150 ML

Indigo Nails aids - other

In addition to primers and cleaners, Indigo's offer includes other auxiliary preparations which make your nail styling work easier. These include remover, remover, glue or milling oils.

Indigo Nails remover for hybrid styling

Nail remover is a gentle liquid that is used to remove hybrid polish. It allows both the base coat, colour and top to be removed (except for products that are not soluble in the remover). This makes the use of a file or milling machine unnecessary. Indigo Removers are available in two capacities - 500 ml and 250 ml.

Nail polish remover Indigo Nails

Indigo's Seventh Heaven scented nail polish remover smells beautiful and is also very effective. As it has no acetone, you can be sure that you won't dry out your cuticles when using it. The perfumed remover contains castor oil, which strengthens the nails and softens and moisturises the skin around them. It is offered in a 500 ml capacity.

Cuticle Remover Indigo Nails

Cuticle Remover is a cuticle softener. It makes even the driest and hardest cuticles and epithelia on the nail plate easy to remove. A thin layer of Cuticle Remover only needs 2 to 5 minutes to take effect, after which time you can use a cuticle remover or wooden stick to push back the cuticles. The product is available in a 10 ml capacity.

Other nail preparations in the Indigo Nails offer

The Indigo Nails range of auxiliary preparations is completed by:

  • Indigo Foil Glue, which is a preparation that facilitates the execution of transfer foil decorations;
    glue for tips, zircons and other decorations;
  • Mr. Gum cuticle gum in the scent of Seventh Heaven;
  • Easy File Oil Indigo milling oil, which helps to make your work more comfortable when working on the mass by reducing the amount of dust that rises.

Complete your Indigo collection with aids to make your manicure even more enjoyable!