Buffer - Diamond Shine 400/4000 1PCS

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The Diamond Shine buffer is perfect when working with natural nail plates. Its ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable to use. You can easily polish your natural nail or acrylic nails.


Quantity: 1



- length 178 mm

- width 28 mm

- thickness 8 mm

Product attributes
Application tips
Grades 400/4000
  • smoothes and polishes natural nail plates,
  • especially recommended for nails with split and brittle ends,
  • Perfect for Shea Spa Manicure.

Shea Spa manicure:

  1. Gently matte the nail plate with a Diamond Shine 400 buffer.
  2. Massage shea butter into each nail and then polish the product with the 400 grit side.
  3. Massage shea butter into each nail again and polish it with the softer side of the buffer, 4000 grit.
  4. Massage your hands and remove excess product with a towel.