Body Mists


  • Indigo Body Mist Bad Icon
    29.00 zł
    100 ML
  • Indigo Body Mist Fanaberia
    29.00 zł
    100 ML
  • Indigo Body Mist Seventh Heaven
    29.00 zł
    100 ML
  • Indigo Body Mist Drama Queen
    29.00 zł
    100 ML

Reach for Indigo's fragrant body mists

Is your skin in need of refreshment and do you love to surround yourself with your favourite scents? Reach for Indigo Body Mist in captivating, ultra-feminine fragrances. Seventh Heaven, Drama Queen, Bad Icon or Fanaberia? Whichever fragrance version you choose, you can be sure that your skin will thank you for the pleasant feeling of freshness - not only on hot days.

Indigo body mists and their properties

Our fragranced body mists are lightweight perfumed products in a convenient atomiser that spread a pleasant, refreshing breeze in enticing Indigo scents when applied. What makes them so special and why should you add them to your holiday essentials?

  • Thanks to their lightweight formula, Indigo Body Mist pleasantly refreshes and stimulates the skin, which is ideal especially in high temperatures. So if you're planning a holiday getaway, Indigo Body Mist is an absolute must have. The handy bottle is sure to fit in both your bulky suitcase and your beach bag. 
  • The product absorbs quickly, so you can apply it to your skin without fear, even just after an express shower in the morning, when you want to quickly put your clothes on.
  • Are you looking for a moisturising effect? Regularly applied Indigo body mists moisturise your skin, so feel free to reach for your favourite scents whenever you feel like it - it's for your skin's own good, after all!
  • Contrary to what you might think, our Mists can be used for more than just your body. Spray it around your head to add shine and make your hair look and smell amazing.

Your favourite fragrances in the practical form of a body mist

In the Indigo range you will find Body Mists in four iconic fragrances:

  • Drama Queen captivates with a combination of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and lily of the valley aromas with notes of peaches, raspberries and pears.
  • Seventh Heaven is a floral-chypre composition broken by the refreshing scent of mandarin.
  • Fanaberia tempts with a bouquet of oriental fragrance notes with a fresh floral-citrus aroma.
  • Bad Icon delights with a feminine scent of cedarwood, sweet spices, vanilla and chocolate.

Give your skin a pleasant refreshment and have your favourite fragrance always at hand with Indigo Body Mist.