Gelastic Control Liquid

150 ML
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Control Liquid is a product that facilitates the application of Gelastic Indigo acrylic gel. It prevents the product from sticking to the brush and facilitates spreading and shaping. What's more, it does not have an intense smell like liquid used in the acrylic method.

Application tips
  • Facilitates the application of Gelastic acrylic gel,
  • Prevents the product from sticking to the brush,
  • Does not have a sharp odour like monomers used for the acrylic method.


Moisten the brush in Control Liquid and apply the acrylic gel with a firm movement, gently smoothing it with a wet brush. A brush that is too dry may cause air bubbles when applying Gelastic.


Using a spatula, apply the selected Gelastic to the bottom of the form, then use a brush moistened with Control Liquid to spread it to the natural length

Isopropyl Alcohol, Isobutyl Acetate, Acetone, CI 60725