Double-sided magnet for cat eye

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The cat eye magnet is an accessory that allows you to achieve striking cat eye nails decorations.  With the help of two differently shaped tips, you can achieve diverse decorations and unique styles. 

If you want to achieve an expressive magnetic line, apply the magnet close to the surface and petal it up quickly. Fix the design in the Multiled lamp.

Dimensions: 1,3 cm x 9,5 cm x 1 cm

Product attributes
Application tips
Purpose to create a pattern in combination with cat eye polish
  • The rectangular tip quickly and impressively attracts filings, while the round, precise part repels them.
  • The double-sided magnet allows you to create amazing patterns with magnetic products. Each tip gives a different magnetic glow effect: the rectangular one gives a line or gradient effect, while the round one gives an arc, point and circle effect
  1. Do any gel, acrylic, hybrid or acrylic-gel nail design.
  2. Cover the styling with a dark Gel Polish of your choice and cure in a Multiled lamp for 30 seconds.
  3. Cover your nails with a layer of Cat Eye polish and apply the magnet close to the surface - for a few seconds before curing. Remove the magnet with a quick movement, so as not to change the obtained pattern . Cure in a multilight lamp for 30 seconds.
  4. Secure the styling with a top coat of your choice, e.g. Tip Top, and cure it in the Multiled lamp for 30 seconds.
  5. Wait about 1 minute before applying care products to the client's cuticles and hands.


  1. If you move the magnet quickly away from the surface, the pattern will be clear and strongly outlined in the shape and direction in which the magnet was applied. However, if you want the magnetic particles to create a delicate glow, move the magnet slowly away from the surface.
  2. Try applying the magnet from the sides of the lateral shafts - this will give an interesting gradient effect.
  3. Depending on how close you apply the magnet to the surface, this is how you will get a pronounced or delicate effect of gathering of the particles