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Are you looking for express nail art that every pink nail lover will fall in love with? Reach for Express Bling - decorations perfect for sticky layer application or embedding into an uncured product. Conjure some sparkling looks - it will only take you a few moments!

Product attributes
Application tips
Application gel polish styles, gel styles, acrylic Styles, giving Effect, nail Art
Application for dispersion product
Consistency fine foil

● Easy to apply - apply them on the sticky layer or embed them in an uncured product.
● Shapes of different sizes shine beautifully on the nails.
● Will add a shimmering effect to both subtle and vivid looks.
● Perfect for jewellery decorations.

Below we present one of the ways of Bling decoration application:

● Create any gel polish, gel, acrylic gel or acrylic nail set.
● Cure the colour layer in the MultiLed lamp for 30 seconds.
● Decorate the sticky layer* by sprinkling the decorations using a cuticle pusher or Mixing Tool. Press them gently using your fingers.
● Decorate the sticky layer* using your fingers, a cuticle pusher or Mixing Tool.
● Secure the whole design with a gel polish top coat (Wet Look will work great here) and cure the nails in the lamp for 30 seconds.
● Wait about 1 minute after taking the hand out of the lamp. Wipe the nails with a lint-free cotton pad soaked in Shea Super Shine Effect Cleaner.

* decorations can also be embedded in the wet layer (i.e. in the layer of uncured product)

* it's recommended to have two products in your top coat collection. One should be used for decorations only if the ornaments get sunk into it.