Gelastic acrylic gel nails

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Time for a revolution, time for Gelastic by Indigo!

Gelastic is a new nail design and nail extension system developed by Indigo. Gelastic combines the advantages of different well-known working methods while offering so much more!. How is it possible?

A perfectly developed formula and high plasticity make working with the Gelastic system a pleasure for nail artists of all levels. 

With Gelastic you can refine the manicure as long as you want – the product is thick, does not flood the cuticles and sets only after curing. And even afterwards it remains plastic enough to make the final preparation of the shape of the nail very simple and pleasant.  

It won’t cause any dust to float around, unlike using acrylic.

Gelastic is available in 4 colours: Gelastic Clear, Gelastic Glass Pink, Gelastic Milky and Gelastic Cover – the system itself creates a nail design without pain and no nasty smells! Which will certainly please your customers!

Gelastic is much more than just a styling product 

The Gelastic system consists of a set of products and accessories that will make your work as easy as possible and allow you to make optimal use of the product and guarantee manicure durability. It includes everything you need: 4 colour variants of Gelastic, exceptional 3-in-1 PrimoUltimo®, as well as a squeezer to  get the most of each tube. 

Watch our tutorial, sign up for training and discover how enjoyable your work can be!

The main advantages of the Gelastic system:

  • working time reduction
  • a perfectly matched formula 
  • 4 colour versions: Clear, Glass Pink, Milky and Cover 
  • full control of operation without the risk flowing down 
  • extreme plasticity, making it easier to achieve the desired shape 
  • curing at any time 
  • precise and convenient application 
  • incredible efficiency – up to 50 applications with just one tube! 
  • no dust and unpleasant odours
  • no pain when curing