Reach for new Princess decorations and dicover the princess in you!

Almost every little girl would like to turn into a real princess. But, years pass, we grow up, and we often forget our childhood dreams. Finally, however, you can introduce a little fairy tale into the adult world. How do you do it?

Reach for our NEW IN - Princess nail decorations that will make even the simplest look shine with a million trinkets worthy of a princess. Turn ordinary into extraordinary and give up the boredom. Choose trendy nail art - meet our three magical princesses. Which of them will you like the most?

Barbirella, Princesses Don't Work, Don’t Worry Be Elsa - meet Princess nail effects

What distinguishes the new Indigo nail decorations? With the shimmering particles of various sizes, you will make your childhood dream come true - you will become a modern, independent and fashionable Princess!

Princess Barbirella

You don't like designs limited to one colour only? Check how Princess Barbirella shimmers beautifully on nails. Glittering decorations attract attention, and you will add a bit of multicolour madness to classic looks!

Princesses Don't Work

The silver glow of Princesses Don't Work particles adds a subtle accent to our next princess. Delicate nail art turns even an ordinary look into an elegant design. Now you don't have to reach for a box full of sparkles - your nails will become your most excellent decoration.

Princess Don't Worry Be Elsa

Already as a little girl, you loved shimmering creations, and you were always prom queen? Dazzle also today, thanks to original nail decorations. Princess Don’t Worry Be Elsa are pink-purple particles that will highlight each fabulous nail creation.

What nail art will you create with Princess particles?

Have you already chosen your favourite? Or maybe you want to test each of them and create a look that explodes with a riot of colours? Go for it! Our Princess particles are a way of dazzling and, above all, simple nail art. How to apply them?

Embed them in the first uncured layer of the gel. For precise decorations - such as princess nails or construction french - use a gel brush or ombre brush. However, if you want to create a slightly more nonchalant look, sprinkle the nail using a cuticle pusher or the universal Mixing Tool. Now all you need to do is:

● cure the gel in the lamp;

● add another portion of the product;

● prep the nail;

● apply your favourite top coat;

●… and a breathtaking look is ready!

Princess particles - a simple fashionable way to decorate your nails

You've already got to know our particles, and you know that embedding ornaments in the gel do not have to be complicated. So, are you looking for an excuse to create a look with one of our Princesses? You don't have to wait for the prom! Use multicoloured particles every day - whenever you want to shin

● Indigo nail decorations are so subtle that you can create designs perfect for the office.

● Their discreet glow will add charm on dates and during big events - weddings, baptisms or even Oscar-winning galas!

● Minimalists, lovers of girlish designs and fantasy looks who love vivid and fashionable nail art will fall in love with delicate particles.

Which princess will you test first?