Nail cleaner, what is it, and why is it worth using?

Do you want to enjoy a long-lasting manicure and beautiful design? Then be sure to make friends with the cleaner!

Cleaner - what is it?

The cleaner, also known as a degreaser, is one of the subsidiary products essential to perform gel polish, gel and acrylic manicure. It affects the final look of the nails and their durability and quality.

  1. The cleaner removes the dispersion layer, known as the sticky layer, which forms after curing gel polishes, some gel polish top coats or any products that require curing. It is used to dehydrate the natural nail plate so that the applied products work correctly and create no air bubbles. Used as the last step, it adds a beautiful shine to the whole look.

  1. Shea Super Shine Effect Cleaner is a combination of cleaner and shea butter. It effectively removes the sticky layer and adds shine to the set's overall look, and intensely oils and conditions the cuticles. Since it significantly shortens the treatment time, it's adored by nail techs. However, remember to wait about a minute before removing the sticky layer, as applying a cleaner too quickly can make the nails dull. 

What additionally distinguishes Shea Super Shine Effect Cleaner is its beautiful fragrance. Now you can forget about the unpleasant smell of nail styling products. The fragrance composition Seventh Heaven, one of Indigo's favourite fragrances, will make your manicure more pleasant and turn it into a sensual ritual.

  1. The cleaner is a classic among products dedicated to removing the sticky layer. You won't do without it if you want to create a gel, acrylic or gel polish manicure. Use it to make sure that the next applied preparations will work properly. Using a lint-free cotton swab or applicator (depending on the volume of the product), spread the cleaner evenly over the entire nail plate. In this way, you will dehydrate it and remove all impurities that affect the durability of the nails. Properly applied, it will protect your manicure against air pockets or lifting. Do not use it to remove the dispersion layer of a top coat, as it may dull the whole design.

How to use the cleaner?

The nail cleaner has two main uses:

  • application to a natural nail plate - apply Indigo Cleaner on the matted and dust-free nail plate. Wait a few seconds for the product to completely evaporate, then apply Primer and other products you have chosen. Do not touch the dehydrated nail;
  •  application on design - using a dust-free cotton swab soaked in Shea Super Shine Effect Cleaner or  Wipe Off Cleaner, remove the dispersion layer from the nail covered with a gel or a finishing top coat.

Now Indigo cleaners have no more secrets for you. Choose the right one for your needs and choose a beautiful and long-lasting manicure.