Fragrant body and hand care - get to know Black Madonna cosmetics

Don’t you just love cosmetics with rich formulas that not only deeply moisturize your skin, but also smell beautifully? You certainly know the iconic Indigo Home SPA line - a new, intriguing fragrance has just been added to our collection! The Black Madonna composition embraces the skin with a perfume scent and transforms your care routine into a pleasant ritual - try to resist it. Effective and fragrant body care is now at your fingertips.

Black Madonna hand cream and body lotion

What makes Black Madonna cosmetics different from other fragrances? A unique scent based on vanilla, white musk and cardamom, juicy lemon, bergamot and light lily of the valley. Here, sweetness goes hand in hand with oriental intensity, which is softened by fruity and floral notes. On one hand, it is expressive and mysterious, and on the other - girly and light.

It is an exceptional composition that all admirers of original fragrances must try on their own skin. One application is enough to take you to the perfumery world full of aromatic, mysterious nooks and crannies in your imagination. Check the smell of Black Madonna and reach for two cosmetics that have joined the Indigo Home SPA family.

Rich Black Madonna hand cream – to take care of your hands 

A beautiful scent is important, but - let's face it – it is all about the effect! That is why we have enriched our cosmetic with ultra-nourishing ingredients - your hands will love them right away! Our Black Madonna contains:

  • sweet almond oil;
  • Shea butter;
  • cocoa butter;
  • glycerine;
  • vitamin E.

It is the composition of these carefully selected ingredients that ensures deep moisturization of your hands. Light consistency also makes the cosmetic absorb quickly, so you can forget about greasy hands.

Apply the cream at the end of manicure treatments. Use it every time you wash your hands or whenever you feel the need to do so. Keep the ergonomic pump bottle on your desk at work, bedside your night lamp or on the bathroom shelf – this way you will never forget about caring for the sensitive skin of your hands!

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Black Madonna body lotion - the foundation of your body care

Black Madonna body lotion is another cosmetic that we have added to our fragrant family. It has an ideal, light consistency and caring formula based on Shea butter, macadamia nut oil, D-panthenol and vitamin E.

Can effective and fragrant body care be even better? Yes! Our lotion has been enriched with golden particles that shimmer beautifully in the rays of the spring sun! Choose Black Madonna cosmetics from the Indigo Home SPA line and give your skin the care it deserves.