Black Snow Effect 2,5G

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Black Snow Effect is nail dust with large particles, that creates a frost effect on nails.


Product attributes
Application tips
Application for a frosted effect
Application for product without dispersion
  • Perfect for a frost effect,
  • Easy to apply,


  1. Create any gel polish, gel, acrylic gel or acrylic styling.
  2. Apply a top coat without a sticky layer, e.g. Tip Top, but do not cure it.
  3. Sprinkle the nail several times all over the wet layer of the top coat, using, for example, a Mixing Tool, so that the powder combines evenly with the top coat.
  4. Cure in the lamp for 60 seconds - it is worth choosing a slightly longer curing time to be sure the entire styling is well-cured and therefore durable.
  5. Once the dusted top coat has cured in the lamp, remove any excess particles with a brush.
  6. Do not cover the decoration with an additional layer of top coat, so as not to dull the effect.
  7. Wait about a minute for the top to cool down - removing the sticky layer or applying care products too quickly may reduce the shine of the styling.
  8. If the product requires it, remove the dispersion layer with a cotton pad soaked in the Shea Super Shine Cleaner.
  9. Finally, you can polish the nails with a dry, lint-free cotton pad to make the nails look even more beautiful. Do it until you hear a characteristic squeaking sound.