ARTISTA Silicone Handpad 1PCS

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Are you looking for an ergonomic and safe accessory that will make the use of the Artista glass support (higher and lower) even more comfortable? Reach for ARTISTA Silicone Handpad - you can easily keep it clean, and additionally, you will make the interior of your beauty parlour more attractive and take care of your customers who will comfortably rest their hands on the support.

150 mm x 31 mm x 31 mm 

Application tips
  • ARTISTA Silicone Handpad is easy to keep clean.
  • You will comfortably position the hands and wrists of your customers.
  • You will enrich your beauty parlour with elegant and aesthetic furnishings.

The handpad can be steam sterilized maintaining its parameters. When you steam sterilize, follow all national, industry, and facility decontamination protocols and the manufacturer’s instructions for your sterilization equipment.


  • Exceeding the recommended parameters may lead to damage to the accessories. 
  • Repeated sterilization may cause slight loss of elasticity of the silicone handpad. 


  • Process - Pre-vacuum 

Temperature 130–150°C

  • Exposure time 25 minutes

Alcohol - Use 70% ethyl alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol for medical purposes