What lotion to choose?

You’ve got to believe that using body lotions is not only the result of activities taken by marketing departments of cosmetic companies, but also a necessity. Even the greatest sceptics of even minimal cosmetic interventions admit, without hesitation, that our skin needs support and hydration. Why? What lotion to choose to help the skin?

Your skin is not able to maintain its hydrolipid balance on its own and needs support. All year round! Even such inconspicuous activities as a daily shower disturb the structure of the epidermis and change the pH of the skin, which dries too much, looks bad, and becomes susceptible to damage. And when you add the adverse effects of the sun and salt water in the summer, or central heating and rubbing off thick layers of clothing in the autumn-winter season, or a visit to a pool with chlorinated water, the question answers itself. Yes! Basically, everyone should include the use of lotion in their daily care.

Why use a body lotion?

A body lotion replenishes deficiencies in the lipid layer of the skin. It makes the skin elastic, moisturised, soft to the touch, and more resistant to external factors such as adverse weather conditions or excessive dryness. Of course, the effectiveness of a body lotion depends on the product you decide to use and on the initial condition of your skin. Sometimes the effect of skin condition improvement occurs after just a single use of the lotion; sometimes the effects require more time.

How to use a body lotion?

The most effective method of using a body lotion is to use it everyday. The lotion should be applied on cleansed and dried skin. A great idea is to use it in the evening or in the morning. How to apply lotion? It all depends on the consistency of the selected product, e.g. in the case of Indigo Home SPA lotions the quantity of the lotion of the size of a walnut will be sufficient. Apply the lotion by massaging it into the skin with circular movements. It’s a good idea to combine the treatment with a massage. This way, the use of the lotion will have a beneficial effect on the blood supply and improve the firmness of your skin.

Which body lotion to choose?

Although the cosmetic market can often make you dizzy, the choice of lotion should be dictated by your individual preferences and the needs of your skin.

You’ll find many moisturising, firming and regenerating lotions on the shelves in drugstores, pharmacies or online. The variety of fragrance versions and additional benefits, i.e. the bronzing effect or the presence of flickering particles (as in the case of Bloom Gold Shimmer), does not make the decision any easier. Our recommendations? Choose optimised care every day!

Indigo Home SPA

Indigo Home SPA lotions combine the most effective nutrients with exceptionally beautiful fragrances. Ingredients such as urea, d-panthenol, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate or aloe extract moisturise and nourish the skin and wrap it in a beautiful scent! Indigo lotions contain as many as 7 active ingredients, are quickly absorbed and leave your skin smooth, velvety and smell like no other products. Try them out!

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Jaki balsam do ciała wybrać, by cieszyć się piękną skórą?

Is a lotion enough?

The condition of your skin is also affected by its individual resistance, your lifestyle and even gender. Female skin is softer, which doesn’t mean that male skin requires no support, although (unfortunately!) this practice is not as popular as in the case of women.

In order to optimise skincare, it’s advisable to broaden the spectrum of treatments. In addition to a lotion, it’s worth considering regular use of body scrubs and Shea butter. A more concentrated formula and thick consistency results in a slightly longer absorption, but deeper nourishment and long-term effects.

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