Summer 2023 Collection


  • Mayday! Mayday! Gel Polish
    7 ML

Let the colours of summer whisk you away! Go crazy during the holidays and be amazed the most fashionable shades of gel polish from the Summer 2023 collection. Discover a palette full of sunny happiness and enjoy a season of the most juicy, energised stylings!

Summer nails with the Summer 2023 Collection

The Summer 2023 collection consists of 10 juicy shades that will perfectly complement any holiday look and highlight a summer tan. In the new Indigo palette you will find 7 energetic colours with a classic, smooth finish and 3 shades enriched with black particles:

  • Intensely green, speckled with black particles Greenzilla;
  • Refreshing Miętashek;
  • Juicy and lemony Yellonek;
  • Light, strongly whitened shade of lime - White Kermit;
  • Orange Fifarafa;
  • Peachy Peacholina;
  • Neon pink Mayday! Mayday!;
  • Pastel purple Lilioner;
  • Peachy Kropek with black particles;
    Pepperancki - a creamy shade of white with black particles.

Ideas for trendy holiday nails

The holiday vibe favours crazy, multi-coloured designs. Sunny ombre, fruit patterns, animal prints - all of your clients summer dreams can be fulfilled by reaching for the gel polishes from our Summer 2023 collection. Order Indigo summer newness today and enjoy a season of the most juicy and energised stylings!