Spring 2023 Collection


  • Ideales Base Coat
    7 ml
  • BeautiCool Base Coat
    7 ml
  • Piegus Gel Polish
    7 ML
  • Pinknochio Gel Polish
    7 ML

SPRING 2023 collection


It’s time for spring awakening! Discover the lightness and positive vibrations of the SPRING 2023 collection of gel polishes. Feel the energy from joyful, pastel shades and share it with the world! Create nail designs full of freshness and optimism that will fill your salon and… the hearts of your customers.


Pastel nails - feel the energy of spring colours!


The SPRING 2023 collection includes 11 phenomenal, pastel gel polishes, including 7 shades with a classic, smooth finish, 2 colours with black particles and 2 delightful base coats with particles:

  • pastel orange Kogel Mogel,
  • peach-pink Holy Lolly,
  • milk-raspberry Pinknochio
  • violet Pastelina
  • Aquamariola in a pastel shade of sea blue,
  • pistachio Cha Cha Matcha,
  • Piegus - a pastel shade of pink with black particles,
  • cream Oatstanding,
  • cream Kamila Vanilla with black particles,
  • light pink BeautiCool Base Coat with rose gold particles,  
  • Ideales Base Coat milky-pink base coat with particles and multi-coloured dust.


Each of them is a ready idea for spring nails, and at the same time a source of inspiration for fancy, pastel decorations. 


Spring nails with colours of the SPRING 2023 collection


Spring is a breath of fresh air after the season of grey days and thick sweaters. A time when each of us looks for freshness, lightness and colour - both in clothing and nail design. You will find all this by reaching for the SPRING 2023 collection, in which every customer, thirsty for positive colours and energy, will surely find something for herself.