Mini Fall Collection


  • Chic Happens Gel Polish
    7 ML
  • Megan Vegan Gel Polish
    7 ML
  • Nomen Omen Gel Polish
    7 ML

Mini Fall Collection of gel polishes

Mini Fall Collection is an autumn package of warmth, sweetness and good style closed in three delightful shades that will allow you to enchant rainy autumn weather.

Autumn nails in shades of pleasure

This autumn collection of Indigo gel polishes is kept in warm, beige and brown colours. It consists of three shades that bring to mind autumn pleasures, such as velvety milk coffee or aromatic hot chocolate. Each of them has a chance to become your good omen for cold, grey days. Subtle Megan Vegan, mysterious Nomen Omen or maybe milk and chocolate Chic Happens? Which of them will enchant your autumn?

Discover Mini Fall Collection of Indigo gel polishes

Nomen Omen gel polish is a cool, subdued shade of brown - a harbinger of long autumn and winter evenings, filled with atmospheric twilight, intriguing notes of mystery and the tempting scent of hot dark chocolate. The perfect candidate for a favourite of dark nail lovers.


Megan Vegan - the most delicate of the Mini Fall Collection colours - captivates with a light, beige-brown shade of creamy cappuccino, which encourages autumn relaxation.

It will work perfectly on its own, but it will also be an ideal base for autumn decorations.

The last one in our Mini Fall Collection is Chic Happens - a noble, slightly subdued shade of milk chocolate. It attracts what is good and ... stylish. It delights with the combination of elegance and enveloping sweetness bringing a smile to your customers’ faces.

Create autumn design in the shaded of Mini Fall Collection

The Mini Fall Collection palette will look great in both glossy and matte finish. Each of its shades can be successfully used in uniform designs or applied alternately on the nails to create a monochrome design. For fans of autumn patterns, suggest more fanciful decorations in which you can combine shades of Mini Fall Collection, e.g. in autumn ombre or plant ornament. Regardless of the version your customer chooses, she can be sure that her nails will be trendy and stylish.