Holi Hey! Collection


  • Jola Fragola Gel Polish
    7 ML

Perfect summer nails? Holi Hey! collection will make them so!

Holiday? Holi Hey! The carefree mood that accompanies this holiday shout is transferred to the nails so that your manicure perfectly fits the atmosphere of summer adventures! Our summer collection includes eight pastel gel polishes that correspond with your tan and summer vibe! It doesn’t matter if while on vacation you recharge your batteries on a longboard, jogging on the beach or lazily sunbathing - the colours of the Holi Hey! collection will become your allies of the desired holiday chill!

Pastel summer nails – fall in love with their charm

Discover the colours that make up the Holi Hey! summer collection. We love the combination of pastel subtlety with the sun-kissed skin. You can create perfect summer nails thanks to the following gel polishes:

  • Ela Pastela
  • Jola Fragola
  • Hot Apricot
  • Lisbonita
  • Miss Sunday
  • Holi Hey!
  • Ivi Kiwi
  • Luisa Ibiza

Holi Hey! collection - perfect not only for holidays

When it is sweltering outside, it is hard not to think about holidays. Not everyone can give up their duties and go on vacation with the first heatwave, but ... anyone can bet on manicure in a truly summer version! Whitened pastels look great not only with tan, refreshing drinks and bathing suits! These colours will bring a carefree atmosphere to summer in the city! Bet on the Holi Hey! collection and create looks that are perfect not only for a beach bar party!