Gel Polish bases


  • Candy Base Lemon Bob
    7 ML

In the Indigo Nails offer, you will find a broad spectrum of bases for hybrid nails, starting from our definite hit: Protein Base Removable, through delicate Gel Polish Base Removable, to extremely strong Ultra Strong Base Gel. Thanks to Indigo Nails hybrid bases, you will not only improve the condition of your nails but also shape an ideal C curve.


  •  How to use the hybrid base? 

    First, wash and disinfect your client’s hand. Remember to put on gloves. Evaluate the condition of the client’s hands and nails to make sure that there are no contraindications to the treatment. Push the cuticles back with a pusher or stick, and work on them using drill bits, for example 9, 1. Next, using the 100/180 grit buffer, carefully mat and smooth the plate, and remove dust with the use of a soft brush. Reach for a dust-free wadding swab and purple Cleaner and carefully degrease the plate. Apply an appropriate primer (Acid Free Primer or Acid Primer). Put on a thin layer of the hybrid base and cure it in a lamp.
  •  Which hybrid base is right for elongation? 

    Hybrid bases, which will allow you to add 3 mm to the nail plate length, Whitemin Base, and all kinds of Mineral Base. The greatest length will be achieved with Protein Base because of its hardness after polymerization and the texture of the product during application. With protein base, we can make nails even 5 mm longer.
  •  How long should hybrid bases be cured? 

    The hybrid bases from the Indigo offer cure in 30–60 seconds. It is worth remembering that the exact time of the curing of particular layers depends on their thickness. For example, when we use Protein Base, Mineral Base, Cover Base, or Whitemin Base, the curing time of the first, thin layer will be shorter than the curing time of the second, building layer. The time will also depend on the quality and power of the lamp.
  •  Why does the color applied on a hybrid base withdraw / shrink at the edges? 

    Hybrid bases have a strong sticky layer, and the color applied directly on them can shrink toward the middle of the layer. In order to avoid problems during application and to ensure smooth distribution of the color, we can remove the sticky layer of the base with a dry cotton swab or with a cotton swab dipped in purple Cleaner or in Wipe off and only then apply the colorful hybrid nail polish.