Start your adventure with acrylic

How to start using the acrylic method?

Since you are reading this text, we guess that you would like to take your chance of working with acrylic. Working as a nail stylist, you know that choosing the right method depends on many factors. What makes working with acrylic different? Where to start your adventure with this method? You can find out all this by reading the article below.

Advantages of working with acrylic

What makes the acrylic method different? First of all, acrylic styling is very resistant, even under challenging conditions. Acrylic is distinguished by gel and gel polish above all by consistency. Loose powder after mixing with Liquid creates a self-setting mass that does not require polymerization in the lamp, as is the case with the other two methods. Acrylic cures through contact with air. When the product is cured, all you need to do is file it, cover it with colour, and voila, styling is ready! Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of this method is the easy extension of the natural plate to the length we want. Also, this style is very resistant to damage so that that customer can enjoy a beautiful manicure for a long time. Fashion Clear is excellent for starting your adventure with the acrylic method, which is now also available in a smaller volume.

Are you looking for acrylic? Bet on Fashion Clear

Acrylic from Indigo creates a hard surface, resistant to damage, and at the same time works great with a natural nail plate. Its advantage is also in colour. In fact, its lack of. Fashion Clear creates a transparent surface that perfectly matches the trend of glass nails.

Zacznij swoją przygodę z akrylem

Warming nail art designs

Fashion Clear is not only the basis of the acrylic method. It's also an absolute must-have when creating sweater designs. After applying and curing the base and colour, we paint a pattern reminiscent of the weave of the fibres in a sweater and sprinkle with acrylic powder. Then we polymerize everything in the lamp and shake off the excess. The whole look is very gentle, and all thanks to the Fashion Clear consistency. If you have always wanted to take a try in this type of nail art but did not want to buy large size of the acrylic box immediately, then the small Fashion Clear packaging is just for you.

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