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Training at the Indigo Nails headquarters

Indigo Nails have been developing new products and methods in the nail art industry for many years, using not only the latest trends and technology, but also  our clients' and stylists' satisfaction. With our team of the very best and award winning instructors, Indigo has created a training program which will prepare students to work as a Nail Stylist. Our courses are known for their high level of education in both theory and practice. Indigo Instructors fully devote their attention to their students and are always there to help. We have a broad range of training that covers all nail styling and are sure everyone will find something for themselves.

Training in Almond, Oval and Square are targeted towards beginners. These courses cover the basics like nail structure, filing in the shape of almond, oval and square and an introduction to various techniques of ornamenting. After finishing these courses the gel or acrylic technique, soak off and french will no longer be a mystery. The training for beginners is followed by a lecture covering the anatomy of the nail and work safety.

For professionals who want to broaden their knowledge with new techniques and learn to create more advanced nail designs, we offer an Advanced course. We teach you how to create shapes like a gothic almond, bridge or pipe and also an intricate jewellery like ornaments and 3D designs.

We also offer courses in Nail Art techniques where we teach you how to use e-file with acrylic ornaments, create a realistic painting using watercolour paints or to paint your favourite cartoon characters. We recommend our signature training Bad Icon where you can learn how to create a fashionable “naughty design”, we also recommend training in the zhostowo technique where we teach how to create detailed flowers in a retro style. We also have a range of individual training, manicure training and the  opportunity to learn a chosen technique.

At Indigo nail styling training students use the best quality products and devices from Indigo and are carried out in a special training room. Our instructors are ready to help if the student needs a consultation or a training in any subject. The group training is conducted in a small  group  of 2-4 people, where students work on models or on tips in a friendly atmosphere. In addition, we provide a lot of teachings materials with illustrations, graphs and places to make notes.

At the end of every course, the knowledge and skills the student has learnt are tested with a theory and practical exam. Once a student passes the test and completes the challenge they will receive an International Certificate in a their chosen method. If unsuccesful, there is an option to take a further test with an additional fee. Students work will be documented with pictures and stored at the training centre.

If you want to begin your adventure with nails or to broaden your knowledge and skills, pick a subject and sign up for the courses organised by Indigo across Poland.






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