SPECIAL OFFER: Indigo Home SPA in your salon - the more you buy, the more you get

Buy more for less within the Indigo Home SPA offer and introduce Indigo care products to your Salon.

Do Your Customers love our Home SPA cosmetics and their unique fragrances? It's time they could buy them when visiting your salon. Benefit from attractive discounts and introduce luxury care products to your customers' favourite scents. Remember, the more you buy, the more you get.

Grab the offer and buy more for less

The offer applies to all Indigo care products. If your customers love the scents of oils you use to finish each beauty treatment, they will also love moisturising hand creams and exfoliating scrubs in Indigo's insane scents. By introducing them for sale, you'll provide your customers with shopping comfort and your salon will gain an additional source of income.

Indigo Home SPA skincare cosmetics - everyday care luxury

The Indigo Home SPA includes Cuticle Oils, moisturising Hand Creams, Body Lotions, Shea Butters, Foot Lover foot cream, exfoliating Body Scrubs and Argan Oils, full of beneficial ingredients that are a perfect complement to skin care. They all delight with unique, intense fragrances that make everyday rituals a real pleasure. The offer also covers Protein Serum, rich in nutritious natural ingredients, that care for the beauty and good condition of the skin around the nails.

For more detailed T&Cs of the Indigo Home SPA offer go HERE.

List of distributors participating in the new Home SPA offer:

  • Indigo Andrychów
  • Indigo Białystok
  • Indigo Bielsko Biała
  • Indigo Chrzanów
  • Indigo Częstochowa
  • Indigo Gdańsk
  • Indigo Gdynia
  • Indigo Gorzów Wlkp.
  • Indigo Gubin
  • Indigo Jaworzno
  • Indigo Kalisz
  • Indigo Katowice
  • Indigo Kędzierzyn-Koźle
  • Indigio Kielce
  • Indigo Kraków
  • Indigo Łomża
  • Indigo Myślenice
  • Indigo Nysa
  • Indigo Opole
  • Indigo Ostrołęka
  • Indigo Oświęcim
  • Indigo Poznań
  • Indigo Racibórz
  • Indigo Retkinia Łódź
  • Indigo Rydułtowy
  • Indigo Szczecin
  • Indigo Tarnowskie Góry
  • Indigo Tychy
  • Indigo Warszawa Mokotów
  • Indigo Warszawa Wola
  • Indigo Zabrze
  • Indigo Zgierz
  • Indigo Zielona Góra
  • Indigo Bulgaria
  • Indigo Ireland
  • Indigo Netherland
  • Indigo Spai