Sata Claus Nail Art - step by step[VLOG]

Nail Art always makes an impression. With the help of few colour gels and a precise brush, we can create a small piece of art on the nail. Offering such a service will bring more clients to your nail salon. Such paintings usually look like something complicated and time-consuming but actually, all you need is a training course, some practice and you'll be able to create such paintings in a few minutes.

To make painting and practicing easier we present you a step by step tutorial on how to paint a beautiful Santa Claus. Our Indigo Instructor Magdalena Żuk from Wrocław is going to show you how she does it.

Check out the video:

To create this ornament you'll need the following products:

In the picture gallery underneath you can check our other winter holiday ornaments created by stylists and instructors from Indigo Nails. Try them yourself!